Google Docs and Labels…

Have you ever tried out Google Docs and Labels? If you have not, I urge you to try it out. The possibilities are endless…


Have you tried using labels? If you haven’t you don’t know what you are missing! Welcome to the world of organised mail. Having problems finding old mails that you need? Then look no further than labels.

Just by labeling important emails, you can easily track go to those emails by clicking on the labels. As HOD IT, I receive tons of emails from vendors promoting their products. Although I may not need it now, it doesn’t mean I may not need it in the future. If I don’t label it, I may not know how to search for it as they all come from different vendors with different subjects. So all I do now is to group them all under the same label (I called it ICT External Scan) and viola, all emails from vendors promoting their products!

Google Docs

Now this is priceless! It is not just the fact I can store documents online where it is accessible anywhere, anytime. What’s better is the collaboration capabilities. With Google Docs, I can share documents with others and they can even update the document stored in my account. So I don’t need to keep track which is the most updated copy of the document. It will automatically be updated. You don’t even need to save, it automatically saves after you type in it!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the best way is to go try it for yourself.


This is also under Google Docs, by just creating a form, you have the power of surveys in your finger-tips. The best part is the survey form can be sent directly to your colleagues’ email and they can fill in the survey form straight from their email. No more additional log-ins or going to other websites just to fill in the survey form.

Results? It is sent directly to your Google Docs all nicely collated for you. One word to describe all this, WONDERFUL!

Don’t you just love Web 2.0!

Google Docs in the class?

So far, most of the uses for Google Docs have been solely to help teachers in their admin work. Can it be used in the classroom? I haven’t really tried it out but I have an idea…

Collaborative writing – Using Google Docs, pupils can work together to on a piece of writing without having to be sitting together in the same table. Hey, they have even work together on the writing when they are all at home. With Google Docs’ ability to update in the cloud, this is a definite possibility.

Has anyone tried Google Docs in the classroom yet?


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