Future Ready Pupil, Hungry for Success!

Recently we had a long discussion about what it means to produce a future ready pupil who has the hunger for success. This set me thinking. What is future ready? How do we create that hunger?


As we discussed, many thoughts ran through my mind. The first was, what is the future? David Warlick mentioned that we are preparing our pupils for an unknown future. Wow! That just made our job a whole lot harder!!

Are we talking about teaching our pupils skills rather than pure knowledge? How about being morally grounded? Creativity? Is that important? Are they self-motivated? Are they curiousity? Do they dare to dream?How about academic knowledge? It seems we are putting in so much effort to teach them academic knowledge but does that prepare them for the future?


“a strong or compelling desire or craving” – Dictionary.com

How do we create a compelling desire in a child who has everything provided for by their parents? Singapore is a society where needs is generally not an issue. We live more in a world of wants. So how can we instill a desire to succeed in them when everything is given to them on a silver platter?

Nag? Brainwash? Nah, doesn’t work.

Create awareness to the problems that children in other parts of the world are facing to show them how lucky they are? Does it really work? Do they really care? Will they be hungry for sucess because of that?

I’m stumped!

I have no answers to these questions, but what I do know is that we must have the answers to these questions. We cannot short-change our pupils by just providing them with facts and academic knowledge. Our pupils will grow up into a world where they must be ready for the future because the future is becoming less forgiving and more competitive than ever before. A person without the skills to survive the tenacity of the world and have no hunger to succeed will be left behind. Gasp!


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