Kid Blog

Kid Blogs

Kid Blogs is a blog engine designed specifically for teachers.

Kidblog’s simple, yet powerful tools allow students to publish posts and participate in discussions within a secure classroom blogging community. Teachers maintain complete control over student blogs.

I wish I had found this last year when I got my class to go into blogging. This website makes creating blogs for your entire class a breeze. You just need to use MS Excel, follow the steps below, save it as a .csv file, upload it and viola! Everything is created for you.
  • Create a plain textfile or spreadsheet with two columns, one user per line.
  • Each line should be in the form: Display Name,password
  • The display name should be how you want the user’s name shown on-screen
    (the display name can be changed later if you want).

In just less than 5 min, you can create your own class blog (you can maintain more than 1 class blogs btw) with a blog for each pupil and only the pupils in that class can get to view each others blogs. This creates a safe environment where they can share their thoughts and ideas with their classmates.

The only drawback is the gross lack of nice themes. It’s basically a very simple looking blog.

Go check it out and see if this is suitable for your pupils. A word of caution when creating blogs, it can sometimes be tedious to read 40 blogs, especially when they just write one line nonsense. It’s always good to get them to blog about a topic you decide. This ensures that they write about something relevant.

I’ve created a demo blog for you to see how an actual class blog might look like.

Login: Alpha
Password: 1234

Have fun blogging!!


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