Personal Learning Networks

Hi all, as promised here’s the slides I used for my presentation today. I’m glad to be able to share my own experience in using my PLN to learn. I truly believe this is the learning of the future where our pupils will create their own network of learners and gain feedback for the beautiful work that they create. I believe that the end product of learning should not be a test or an exam but the creation of something that allows them to share their knowledge with one another.

Therefore we, as teachers, should set the example. We should begin the harness the power of technology to enable us to learn what we want to learn and create knowledge to be shared with one another. All of us have our own individual talents and gifts that should be shared because somewhere out there, someone else shares that same passion as you. We used to be bounded by time and space but technology has broken those boundaries such that the limit to your network of learners is as far as you want it to go.

It’s not easy, as we do not come from the digital world. However, it’s about taking one step at a time. So the first step is to get a twitter account and add the people around you (like me for example). From there, start growing your own network of learners and soon you will find that your network of learners will just keep on growing.

However, just like growing a tree, growing your PLN takes time and effort but the rewards makes them worthwhile.

To give you some more help, I’ve embedded an easy to understand introduction to twitter. Also, these are a few of my favorite teachers whom I have learnt a lot from.

The important thing is to share your knowledge as well. You all have a vast amount of knowledge that others can benefit from so don’t be shy. As the saying goes, it’s is better to give than to receive.

Also, some good people to follow in twitter
@tucksoon, @tomwhitby, @web20classroom just to name a few.

Looking forward to learn from everyone!!!


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