Innovative Teaching

Steve Anderson recently asked the PLN what we think innovative teaching is.

Here’s my response to his question.

I think innovative teaching is simply teaching the same content and concepts in a different way. In a way in which our generation of pupils would enjoy and understand better. Our kids are fundamentally different from past generations especially with the influx of technology. Their way of thinking has changed and innovative teaching needs to take into consideration their different learning styles. With technology, information is no longer a premium thus innovative teaching must take that into account and we shouldn’t be teaching them information or content but rather what and how to make sense of the influx of information they receive on a daily basis. Finally with the world getting “smaller”, innovative teaching must give them the opportunity to be connected to the world to gain knowledge and experiences from people all over thr globe. To sum up, innovative teaching is about teaching our pupils to be self-directed in their learning and collaborative to gain experiences previously was not possible.

Here’s the link to Steve’s post:

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