Vital Behaviours

Recently we were asked this question. What are some vital behaviors that all teachers should have. While there are many, I believe the most vital of behaviors is to show love. As educators, if we have no love, how different are we from a computer. We are not information spewing machines, we are called to serve. We are called to lead, care and inspire. In that, we are called to love the pupils under us as they look up to us as role models.

With so many dysfunctional family in our society these days, the only place a child may find love is in schools. What’s more scary is that bad parents only affect the lives of a few children but a bad teacher will influence the lives of over 40 children.

A teacher who gives her best to her pupils, who takes effort to know the learning styles of her pupils, who spends time and effort to counsel her pupils is a teacher that loves.

Love never fails, if you love, you will never fail as a teacher because you will not give up on your pupils.


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