Product or Process

Recently came across an article from Steve Wheeler about how most schools only display the best works of pupils but leave out those who are not as nice. He asked if schools are only interested in the outcome rather than the process? Are schools only interested in summative assessment?

When did we ever get the idea that children’s work must be perfect before it can be displayed, and that some kids’ work is not good enough?

As I reflect on his words, I must confess that as a teacher myself, I have on many occasions only focused my attention on the product (or rather the best product) instead of the process. I agree that we should value each and every piece of work produced by our pupils because it’s the learning process that I should praise and value. Especially when they are but just primary school kids, their learning journey has only just began and every piece of work is never not good enough.

“We are now living in an age where the recipe is more important than the cake”. – Charles Leadbetter

Thanks Steve Wheeler from Learning with e’s for sharing this timely reminder.


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