Needs VS Wants

In life, everything is about prioritizing the needs versus the wants. In education, it’s the same. What we want for our students may not be what they need. Ever thought about it?

We want them to be brilliant in Maths, Science, English, Arts, Music, etc. But is that what they want? Maybe all they want to do is to save the lives of endangered animals or be the next Rooney or the next Taylor Swift. Is the education system able to cater to the diverse needs of our pupils? Is standardized testing able to accurately access the diverse talents and gifts of our kids and give them the due recognition.

We want to teach our pupils, but do they need to learn from us? Can they learn from the million of teachers out there who are sharing their skills and knowledge freely on the internet? We want our pupils to pass their exams, but do they need to pass exams to be successful in life? Bill Gates dropped out of school, but will anyone dare say he’s a failure?

I believe it’s time to start hearing from our pupils and guide them towards achieving what they need rather than what we want. The needs of Man are ever-changing in this ever-changing world.


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