Self-Directed Learning (SDL) & Collaborative Learning (CoL)

I recently went for a seminar organised by Crescent Girls School called Cradle. There, the concept of SDL and CoL was explained in detail by our colleagues from Educational Technology Division (ETD). I must say that session really cleared a lot of my confusion about  SDL and CoL.

In essence, there are altogether 4 frameworks that MOE has developed, 2 for SDL and 2 for CoL. One framework for pupils, the other for teachers. What I’ve learnt is that when we look at the frameworks, it should be looked at side by side. Meaning to say that if we want the pupils to display the outcomes of SDL and CoL, the teacher actually plays a critical role in providing the structure and opportunities for them to develop their skills in SDL and CoL.

Thus, it is imperative that, we, as teachers, begin thinking of how we can, in our everyday lessons, provide the structure and opportunities for pupils to do self-directed learning and collaborative learning. Therefore, I hope to get our ICT Champions begin writing SDL/CoL lesson plans. I believe most of us have integrated ICT in our lessons before, so it’s now just a matter of adding in SDL / CoL elements into our lessons.

Hopefully, we can start a wave of SDL and CoL lessons in our school!



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