Quality Teaching and Learning

What is quality teaching and learning? How does it look like in our classrooms? How does quality teaching and learning square with SDL and CoL given the many constrains, especially time constrains, a normal classroom teacher has?

Here are some of my own thoughts.
We really need time for teachers to craft out really quality lessons (with infusion of SDL and CoL facilitated by ICT), monitor how effective the lesson is and then refine those lessons based on the feedback. In time to come we will have solid set of lessons for each topic.
Have the end in mind. Ultimately, our pupils will be sitting for PSLE thus all our formative and summative assessments must gear our pupils, even as early as P3, to the PSLE standard. We must stretch our pupils towards PSLE standards.
Differentiated learning is also key. Stretch the high ability (more SDL & CoL?), lay stronger foundation for the low ability (create special rooms equipped with manipulatives and ICT equipments so that these pupils can get the hands-on they need) and gear the middle ability for success.
I also believe we should give pupils ample opportunity to showcase their talents so that their confidence can be boosted. Pupils who are confident will definitely do well in their exams.

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