The Seven Steps to Becoming a 21st Century School

Ken Kay recently wrote an article on Edutopia on the 7 steps to becoming a 21st Century school.

Here are the 7 steps.

Step 1: Adopt your vision: Use the 4C’s and more.

Step 2: Create a community consensus around the 4C’s.

Step 3: Align your system with the 4C’s.

Step 4: Use the 4C’s to build professional capacity around the 4C’s.

Step 5: Embed the 4C’s into curriculum and assessment.

Step 6: Use the 4C’s to support teachers.

Step 7: Improve and innovate: Create a 4C’s organization.

Personally, it’s great to see that the message of 21st century learning and education reform is slowly but surely happening everywhere.p21_rainbow_id254 I believe most countries have gotten the message that our kids are fundamentally different from us. Technology, and the speed of which it advances, has radically changed our lives. Everywhere you turn, technology has taken over. It’s high time, technology takes over the way we teach. It’s not something that should be feared, but we should embrace technology to enable our kids to become even better people than we ever can be. Knowledge is power and technology provides an abundance of knowledge, that means our kids are more powerful than ever before. As educators, we must teach them now to harness that power and use it for good.

Therefore, the way we teach now must, and will, change. Schools must adapt and keep up with the ever-changing world. The framework by Partnership for 21st Century Skills sums up the kind of 21st century school we must become.


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