3 Rules to spark learning

Watched Ramsey Musallam's TED talk recently and I agree wholeheartedly with his 3 rules to spark learning.

Here are his 3 rules:

  1. Curiosity comes first
  2. Embrace the mess
  3. Practice reflection

As a Science teacher myself, I want my pupils to be curious about everything. One of the reasons why I love Science is because, as a young boy, I was curious about everything and Science answered the questions I had about the world I live in. Unfortunately, it's sad to see that in today's education, curiosity is not celebrated as much as it should. Many times I find myself saying to my pupils, “That's a great question but it's out of syllabus so I can't discuss this in class. Why don't you Google it at home.” I hate myself each time I have to say that but we are so bounded by time and curriculum. It simply takes the joy out of learning and soon my pupils will stop being curious and just follow the syllabus! I had to stop that from happening!

That's one of the reason why I started my pupils on blogging. Other than using blogs to encourage them to be more reflective pupils, this is also the space I provide for them to be curious and ask as many questions as they want since now we are not bounded by time and syllabus. So far we have started exploring what and how glow-in-the-dark material works and I am learning from them as much as they are learning from me. That's true education!

I hope that as education progresses and changes, we can give pupils more space to be curious and learning can truly be messy.

How about you? What have you done in your classroom that allows pupils to be curious?



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