Why I Flipped my Classroom (version 2.0)

When I first started my flipped journey, I created this video to explain to both my pupils as well as their parents why I decided to flip my classroom. After 1 term of flipping, my perspective of flipping has changed a little and I have seen how powerful this strategy can be to change the way I teach to allow for better pupil-teacher relationship which led to engaged learning. My pupils are now active and collaborative learners. Even my weaker pupils are helping one another understand the concept (and this was on the pupils’ own initiative).

My first video was largely inspired by Katie Gimbar’s video. However, with almost three months of flipping experience under my belt, I wanted to share my own personal feelings and reasons for flipping my classroom. Thus version 2.0 of Why I Flipped My Classroom was born.

I actually took a long time creating this video. It was largely due to me having difficulties coming up with the right words to say. I really wanted to not only capture the essence of why I flipped my classroom but, hopefully, inspire others to try out flipped classroom for themselves.

I initially wondered if I was wasting time doing this. But today as I was listening to the Flipped Learning podcast #58 by Edreach.us. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard my video being mentioned (check out the podcast at the 6 minute mark) by Joan Brown (@digiteacher). It was validation that I was doing something right.

I hope my video will inspire you to try out flipped classroom for yourself.


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