Why should I create my own videos?

I was super excited to be able to conduct a workshop with some of my teachers on Flipped Classroom yesterday. It was an open invitation to all the teachers in my school and I was super excited that 9 teachers turned up. Hopefully, I was able to convince them of the amazing benefits of Flipped Classroom and, eventually, they too will taste success with the Flipped Classroom and be my agent of change for the rest of the school.

We had quite a lengthy discussion on this question.

Why should I create my own video?

Here are some of the arguments for creating your own video:

  1. It allows pupils to relate better with the video as it is a familiar voice and face.
  2. It helps you, as a teacher, build relationship with the pupils as you are the one who is teaching and not someone else.
  3. You understand your pupils best and so you can tailor the words, tone and style to suit the needs of your pupils.
  4. Videos created by other teachers from other country (e.g. Khan Academy) may not be suitable for our pupils in terms of the content and context.
  5. Pupils tend to pay attention to videos that are created by their teacher as they tend to be super excited to hear (and see) their teacher on screen. You become a celebrity to them!

There are some who felt that there are also merits in dividing the work up. E.g. Teacher A will do the videos for Chapter 1 while Teacher B does Chapter 2.

  1. This meant that each teacher will create lesser videos as the content is similar across the level. Lesser workload meant that teachers can spend more time planning the face-to-face activities.
  2. If the video was created by an expert or experienced teacher, he or she may be able to teach that concept better than less experienced teachers. This will also allow these less experienced teachers to learn from these expert or experienced teachers.
  3. Creating one videos for the whole level also allows for every pupil to speak a common lingo or a unified way of mastering a certain concept. This is helpful for initiatives or strategies that is initiated by the department. 

 So which is better? You decide for yourself. Ultimately, Flipped Classroom is all about strengthening pupils learning. If creating the videos as a group allows your pupils to learn better, by all means go ahead and do so.

I recently came across a YouTube channel (Thomasson Morris Instruction). This was a collaboration between two teachers (both in different states in the US). They created videos for their English Language classes where both of them discussed about certain concepts that they wanted their pupils to learn. I thought it was a very powerful way of allow their pupils to learn from not just one teacher but two. They are also modeling what collaboration is all about! 


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