Pupil-created Videos

After reading and watching the videos posted by Todd Nesloney’s pupils in his post, I saw how easy it was to get pupils to create their own videos. Suffice to say, I was inspired! So, last Tuesday, I told my pupils,

“You are going to teach your friends how to solve problems on Area and Perimeter of Composite Figures. “

I assigned each group one problem to solve. They worked together to solve the question and present their solution to me (as a group) so that I could ensure they solved the problem correctly. I required them to come to me as a guld question anyone in the group. My expectation was for every member in the group to understand the solution. You should see how engrossed in solving the question. Even my struggling pupils were cracking their brains.

The next day, I issued out one iPad Mini per group and showed them one of the video from Todd Nesloney’s blog to give them an idea how to use the iPad Mini to create the video. After an hour, they were done! My pupils were super excited to have accomplished the task given to them.

As I looked through the videos, I was blown away at the quality of their instruction. They were highlighting key words in the question, giving clear explanations and even reminding their friends not to forget the units (something I regularly repeat in class). I was so excited to see how well they have grasps the concept.

Here are some of the amazing videos. For the full list of videos, visit our class wikispaces.

This video was created by my struggling pupils. 


I like the way they worked together to explain the solution and how the camera moves to focus on what they are talking about.


My high ability pupils were given more challenging problems to tackle.


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