Efficient vs Effective

“Ok class, my job is to teach you the concept as quickly as possible. I talk, you listen… and remember. Power Point slides makes things visual, that should help you visualize and understand better, doesn’t it? Yeah! I’m Mr Efficient! Here are some worksheets, drill and practice! Practice makes perfect! Let’s get you ready for your exams.”

That was me in the past, I wanted to be efficient in my teaching, I had concepts to teach and the most efficient way to get the message across was to broadcast it. Lecture style! I was doing things right, but was I doing the right thing? Was I an effective educator?

What is an educator anyway? Is it just preparing our pupils for a life of test? I stopped to evaluate myself. I knew something was wrong. I wanted to mould and impact the lives of my pupils. I was called as an educator to prepare my pupils for the test of life! I knew I had to do the right thing, I knew I have to move away from being efficient to first being effective.

I am still on that journey. Flipped Classroom was one major leap of faith that I took and it was a leap that I was glad I took. Although I only flipped my class for less than 5 months, I can see that my pupils have grown to be more confident. Many of them are taking ownership of their own learning. They were even able to create and share knowledge with their peers.

I firmly believe that as educators, it’s important that we be effective educators by doing the right thing of looking at education beyond the exams but to equip our pupils with values and skills they need for their future. Only then can be think of being efficient in doing the right things in the right manner.


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