Flipping Once Again

This week marks the start of a brand new set of adventures for me and my pupils. Having had an awesome Semester last year piloting the flipped classroom with my Primary 4/5 class, I set out to share my journey and invite more teachers from my school to join in the fun! I’m so excited that, this year, out of seven Primary 5 classes, four classes are flipping their classrooms. The teachers meet every week to create videos and plan classroom activities. 

Learning is so much more meaningful because our pupils are learning the content at home as homework. This means that they can learn when, where and how they want. I asked my pupils to send me a picture of them learning at home and this is how Benny chose to learn. 

Thanks Benny for the awesome picture. Isn’t it wonderful that they can be learning from the comfort of their own bed?

Learning the content as homework is just one part of the awesomeness of flipped classroom. What’s even more exciting is when they are in class, they apply what they learnt through learning experiences. Learning experiences allow pupils to apply their knowledge through games, mini projects and real life application of Maths. 

This week we learnt about reading and writing till 10 million, place and value as well as comparing numbers. We had fun using dice and number cards to help us generate random numbers so that all of our challenges are different from our friends. 

I’m so excited that my pupils are having fun learning Math! Let’s continue with the fun next week!