Collaboration is Power

A.J’s Time Travelers was a show that I watched back in the 90’s. It was a show about a teenager who when he had questions, he’d open his desk and a CD disk with “Knowledge is Power” written on it. When her put it in the computer he could communicate with his crew on board a special time travel ship. To get on the ship, his first mate would motion her arm toward the screen and say “Scientia potentia est” and the boy would punch his ring to the screen saying “knowledge is power” and he’d be transported to the ship.

Knowledge is Power?

“Knowledge is Power” and “Content is King” were the tag line of the 90’s but in today’s hyper connected world, those tag lines no longer rein supreme. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying knowledge and content are not important, they are and will alway be. What I’m saying is that it cannot be the only thing we are teaching our students. Collaboration is power and I never truly experience the value of it until now. 

I have the honor of working with 3 awesome Math teachers, Jasmine, Brenda and Ai Ling, to flip our classes. Initially, the idea of collaboration didn’t really cross my mind, my initial thought was to divide and conquer. Each to focus on a different topic, create videos, plan the face to face engagement and share it with the rest. Being the awesome teachers they are, they decided to meet up every week and so we did. Now, those once a week meetings is the key to the success of the flipped classroom. 

In those meetings, we would discuss pedagogy and strategies to make our lessons interesting yet meaningful for our students. I am learning so much about teaching Math in those meetings! I am now more confident in class and I know I’m giving the best learning experience for my students. 

Collaboration is about building on each other’s strength and weaknesses. Ai Ling and Jasmine were not comfortable with creating videos but they were excellent at creating learning resources while Brenda and myself enjoyed creating videos. So now, Brenda and myself focused on creating videos while Ai Ling and Jasmine helped to create resources. Jasmine, being the Mathematics Head of Department and the most experienced of the four of us would help ensure our videos were pedagogically sound and we all agreed on the pedagogy before we created the videos and learning resources.

I am humbled by the level of engagement and passion shown by these teachers. The Flipped Classroom and what we have done so far would never have been possible if not for the this group of awesome teachers. Thanks for the collaboration. 

Do you agree that collaboration is king in education? How have you collaborated with other teachers? Comment below, let me know!


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