Flipping as a Team

Last year I learnt about flipped classroom and flipped my Math classroom for one Semester. My students and I were really blown away by the effectiveness of the flipped classroom pedagogy. It’s not just about seeing their grades improving but seeing how engaged my students were in learning Math. My students loved learning about Math! I know I had to share this with other teachers and so I conducted two workshops to share about flipped classroom with my teachers. Nine teachers attended my sharing but they were apprehensive about trying it out as one of the facts of flipped classroom is that it is a lot of work.   However, one of the person I shared the flipped classroom success with was my Math Head of Department. It was her who decided that four out of seven Primary 5 classes would do the flip. I was ecstatic yet worried at the same time. Are the teachers ready? Would they be willing? How much time will we need to invest?

My apprehension was gone the moment we met up as a group. Although they did not fully understand the flipped classroom, they were ready and willing to learn. I’m blessed that I have such a great group of teachers to work with. However, the fact remained, flipped classroom is a lot of work and we invested time every week (for about one and a half hour) to discuss strategies, learning gaps, learning experiences and assessment. On top of that, I also had to work with the teachers individually to help them create videos and those sessions took many more hours as this is a very new way of teaching for all of us.   Even though we invested a lot of time, it was enjoyable and meaningful time spent as we were doing something meaningful for our students. Another Pri 5 teacher was so intrigued by the flipped classroom that she decided to join the team.

Flipping as a team helped us to learn from one another.   How have you flipped your class? How have you collaborated with other teachers?   Comment below, let me know.

Mrs Ng sharing with the group