Sharing my Flipped Classroom journey with MLS 126

I had the honor and pleasure of sharing my flipped classroom journey to fellow Middle Managers who were attending MLS 126 Flipped Classrooms for Middle Managers in Schools conducted by Dr Ashley Tan (@ashley).

Even though it was a short sharing, it was an awesome experience as it was my first time sharing about Flipped Classroom at an external platform. Till this point I’ve only conducted sharings with my own teachers. We had a good time discussing about Flipped Classroom and I could feel the passion and excitement from the participants. Flipped Classroom is something we are passionate about because through flipping, we have finally found a way to engage and help students learn and apply their knowledge.

I like one of the comment made by one of the participant from a secondary school.

If the primary schools are flipping, the secondary schools must flip as well because we will be inheriting students who are independent and self-directed learners and they will not enjoy the traditional method of learning.

I hope I can continue sharing the joys and tribulations of flipping classroom. 

Watch the full sharing session here