Flipped Mastery – Angles Atheletics

This week was my second attempt at trying out the flipped mastery model with my Primary 5 Math class. This was on the topic of angles. Students had to master 3 concepts at the end of this topic. Angles at a straight line, angles at a point and vertically opposite angles. Since one concepts builds on to another, I assigned a medal to each topic. Bronze for angles on a straight line, silver for angles at a point and gold for vertically opposite angles.

Every student is expected to achieve gold medal at the end of the topic. However, students worked at their own pace. They started off by attempting questions on angles on a straight line. Once they were able to grasp the concept, they will then attempt a quiz, if they pass the quiz they will be “awarded” the bronze medal and they can move onto the next concept. Eventually, they will do a quiz on vertically opposite angles and they will then be awarded the gold medal.

I felt that this really motivated the students to want to achieve gold. To hear their cheers when they pass the quiz was an awesome feeling. Rarely do you hear cheers when students are doing Math!

The only aspect in which I had to improve was to better organise the class. As I had to take time to check through their work to ensure students grasp the concept before letting them attempt the quick, I had many students waiting for me to go to them. This meant that precious time was lost waiting for me. Eventually, I assigned students who achieved gold medal to help me check and explain to their friends if their friends were unable to do the questions correctly but even they were overwhelmed as the explanation was time consuming.

I need to think of ways in which students can self check and evaluate their level of understanding without me. That way the flipped mastery model will really be effective in allowing students to master the concept before moving on and learning at their own pace.

Have you tried something similar? Or if you have any comments, suggestions or ideas, please share with me in the comments section.


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