Assessment for learning is an important part of education. Getting immediate feedback on how my class is doing is critical for me as a teacher. I’ve tried e-clickers and iPad apps before but as we are not a 1-to-1 school, having to distribute the e-clickers or iPads meant a loss in precious curriculum time.

Imaging my joy when I tried out plickers for the very first time. Plickers is basically paper clickers that works!. Each student has one card unique to them, they rotated the card to select their answer and raise it up. All I had to do was to use the Plicker app on my iPad or iPhone to capture their answers.


I was skeptical at first as to whether it works. After trying out today with my class of 38 students I can tell you it works! I can scan almost half the class at one go. It’s amazing how the app is able to pick up so many cards at the same time. The only drawback was that the app tends to hang, it worked better on my iPhone 4s than on my iPad Mini but it was no big deal. Almost instantly, I could get feedback from my students and I also know the answers that each student gave!

Using the “Live View” feature on the website, I could show the students what was the answers that everyone gave as a whole class and what the correct answer was.


In this way, I know how the class did as a whole and how individual students fared. This is simply the best app for school who do not have so many devices in the hands of students. The possibilities of how this app can be used in schools.


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