Using Seesaw in my Math Class

I use Seesaw in generally two ways. One, as a reflection tool. Since I have only 10 iPads, I will rotate the iPads among the students so each students will get to post their reflection at least once a week. They are free to use either any feature in Seesaw to share about what they have learnt about Math for that particular week. Here are some examples of reflections done by my students:
The second way in which I use Seesaw is to make students’ thinking visible or getting students to create content. Students will work in groups of 2 or 3 to create a video or a screenshot with voice recording of their solution to explain how they solved a Math problem or explain a certain concept. Students struggled with it initially as they were not used to sharing and explaining their solution or concept. They had to think deeper beyond just solving Math problem to explaining their solution or concept with clarity. This has allowed them to understand the Mathematical concept even better as teaching and explaining something allows them to internalize the concepts better. Here are some examples of the videos done by my students:
My students really enjoyed using Seesaw to create and share what they have learnt. Seesaw has also allowed me to get into their minds and surface out any misconceptions that they may have. Without Seesaw, I would not be able to do so as sometimes students may be able to get the correct answer but their method or concepts are totally wrong. Through this I hope to develop my students to become critical and creative problem solvers. I love Seesaw also because it’s so easy to use! The technology does not get into the way. I highly recommend Seesaw to teachers who want to push your students to think and make their thinking visible. This platform allows you to do that and it also acts as a documentation for future reference. One important aspect of making thinking visible is also to document their thinking so that students can refer to their past work and see how much they have grown and progressed.

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