External Sharings

ExCEL Fest 2014

It was a massive honor to be selected to share about Flipped Classroom with parents and members of the public. What was even more awesome was the fact my session were so well sought after that I had to do a re-run of my session. I had parents, fellow teachers and even an educator from Canada! I was just glad to be able to share how awesome flipped classroom is.

excel 2 excel 1


MLS126 Flipped Classroom for Middle Managers in School

I was invited by Dr Ashley Tan (@ashley) from NIE to share my journey with the participants of MLS126 Flipped Classroom module for Middle Managers. Dr Tan is an amazing educator that I am honor to be connected with on Twitter. Although it was a short 30 min sharing, I was so glad to have had that opportunity and the questions that the participants asked were so thought provoking. Details of the sharing can be found here. Here’s the recording of my sharing.

Video source


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