Using iPod Touch and Audio Cables in Oral practice

In support of helping pupils improve their Oral skills we have 40 iPod Touch. Here’s one idea on how you can make use of this device to promote Self-directed Learning (SDL).
Get pupils to share (in pairs) the iPod Touch to take turns recording and listening to each other’s reading, picture discussion or conversation. Pupils will then access their own work using rubrics. This will encourage pupils to think independently (a form of SDL).
To further extend the activity, you can use a cable that allows you to hook up the iPod Touch into the speakers in the class. That way you can actually play selected pupils’ recording and get pupils to give their comment and feedback about their peers’ readings. This way you can get pupils to build on each others’ knowledge and ideas.
I urge teachers to try it in your class and see how it turns out. Do give me your feedback if you have tried it in class.