As I continued my learning journey with my PLN on Flipped Classroom, I was came across the concept of WSQ (pronounced as Wisk) was developed by Crystal Kirch and it stands for Watch, Summarize and Question. In her blog, she mentioned 4 main reasons for using WSQ. 
  1. Processing – The WSQ allows my students to “get the concept”, “make sense of the concept”, and then “think deeper about the concept”, all before coming to class and working with the material, discussing it, and applying it.
  2. Accountability – The WSQ allows me to hold students accountable for actually watching the video and paying attention, rather than just mindlessly copying down notes.
  3. Discussion – The WSQ serves as the basis for in-class discussions and questioning at the beginning of each class period.  We call these “WSQ chats”. See lots of ideas for WSQ chats here.
  4. Organization – The WSQ “chart” organizes the activities and assignments that students need to complete for each concept, as well as provides them with a timeline to do so. See examples of Math Analysis WSQ charts here and Algebra 1 WSQ charts here.
I knew that this was something I could make use of in my own flipped classroom as I have always been looking for ways to get pupils to be active learners even while watching the video. I have been using worksheets for every video I got my pupils to watch so as to make them accountable for watching the video. Thus, the WSQ concept seems like a logical next step for me.
So for the topic of Area and Perimeter, I used WSQ structure in my worksheets. Here is an example of my worksheet. For the Summary portion, I decided to provide more scaffolding as, being only in Primary 4, my pupils may not have the necessary skills needed to properly summarize the content in the video. Also, I wanted to focus their attention to the key concepts of each video and make sure they remembered them.
Thanks Crstal Kirch for sharing such a wonderful idea! I cannot wait to begin WSQing with my pupils! To learn more about WSQ, please visit Crystal Kirch’s blog, it contains tons of ideas and resources.